Where to Buy Methylamine

Where to Buy

Methylamine is a frequently used and produced derivative of ammonia, one in which one of the hydrogen atoms in the compound is replaced by a methyl group and sold in solutions of methanol, ethanol, and as an anhydrous gas in a pressurized metal container. It is often used in the creation of a variety of products, including:

  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Insecticides 
  • Paint removers 
  • Surfactants 
  • Rubber and rubber chemicals

Methylamine is also used in agriculture, water treatment facilities, and as a corrosion inhibitor. However, because it is also used in the production of illegal substances like MDMA (ecstasy) and methamphetamines and is listed on the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) watchlist, methylamine is also a carefully regulated product, which means that it’s not just something that manufacturers can obtain anywhere; it must be procured from registered suppliers.  

So, where can producers and manufacturers buy methylamine for use in the creation of goods and products that consumers rely on every day? Airgas Specialty Products is the nation’s leading reliable supplier of methylamine and the services and supports you need to safely use this compound. Here’s an overview of how to purchase methylamine from Airgas Specialty Products.  

Obtaining a Quote from Airgas Speciality Products 

Airgas Specialty Products offers their customers two different container size options when ordering methylamine to best suit their precise demands. This way, there’s no need to store large volumes of chemicals on site. This means that with Airgas Specialty Products, you get only what you need, exactly when you need it. Available container sizes include:

  • 75-pound tare weight, or 3.83 cubic feet of internal volume, with a product capacity of 125 pounds 
  • 315-pound tare weight, or 16 cubic feet of internal volume, with a product capacity of 550 pounds

The first step to purchasing methylamine for industrial use is to request a quote. With Airgas Specialty Products, this process is simple and effortless using our convenient online form. When you request a quote, the Airgas Specialty team will ask for more specific details about your needs.  

To receive an accurate quote, be sure to share: 

  • What you need: Airgas Specialty Products offers a range of products, services, seminars, and supports. 
  • What products you are interested in: Whether you need methylamine or any of the other products offered by Airgas Specialty Products.  
  • How much methylamine you’ll need: Share what tank size is the best fit for your professional needs so you never have too much on hand.  

Airgas Specialty Products will also gather some additional information about your operations to best serve your needs. 

Delivery of Methylamines 

Methylamines are colorless and flammable, but they pose a significant health risk if not handled properly. If released in even minor concentrations, methylamines can burn the eyes, skin, lungs, and respiratory tract. For this reason, it’s essential to work with a methylamine supplier who excels in careful handling and delivery, and values safety as much as you do.

Airgas Specialty Products is committed to offering our customers world-class products and services. We strive to make delivery simple and easy with a robust nationwide distribution network, so our clientele always has access to reliable, timely delivery of the methylamine products they need to operate. This includes after-hours delivery, 7 days a week.

We know there are times that delivery can’t wait for Monday morning. We’re here to provide you with the critical methylamine products necessary to keep you going no matter the time of day or day of the week.  

Safe Handling and Storage of Methylamines 

There are three kinds of methylamines: Monomethylamine (MMA), dimethylamine (DMA), and trimethylamine (TMA). After delivery of methylamines, they must be safely handled and stored to prevent injuries or other incidents.   

Methylamines of any kind must always be stored in tightly-closed containers in spaces that are cool, well-ventilated, and nowhere near heat or sources of ignition. Methylamines are highly flammable, which means that smoking and open flames in the nearby proximity to where methylamine is being stored, handled, or used should never be prohibited. Any metal containers over 5 gallons should be grounded and bonded during transfer, and any storage drums should be outfitted with:

  • Self-arresting valves 
  • Pressure vacuum bags 
  • Flame arresters 

Plus, those handling methylamines should use non-sparking and explosion-proof electrical equipment and fitting, especially for opening and closing containers. Also, it’s critical to store methylamines in a way that prevents contact with materials like mercury, acids, sources of halogens, or other strong oxidizers like chlorine dioxide or bromine, as well as other flammable materials. In these instances, violent reactions can occur and cause injury. 

After purchasing methylamine for your operations, Airgas Specialty Products can provide General Duty Risk Management training in line with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements for companies handling hazardous chemicals. This EPA General Duty Risk Management program includes: 

  • General safety 
  • Process hazard analysis 
  • Standard operating procedures 
  • Preventative maintenance inspection 
  • Proper safety documentation  

Airgas Specialty Products isn’t just a supplier of methylamines and ammonia-based products—we’re here to support you through the entire lifecycle of your processes, which includes safety and maintenance training.  

Airgas also has a nationwide response program infrastructure in place to help you in the event of an emergency. If you have a safety incident or experience a “near miss” incident, our team can help investigate the circumstances of the incident. We’ll offer documentation and a list of recommended actions to take to prevent another event from happening in the future.  

Your Dependable Methylamine Supplier 

Methylamine is used for such a broad range of products and processes. It’s used to tan leather, treat water, build polymers, create solvents and papers, form pharmaceuticals, treat crops, engineer circuit boards, and it’s even used as a rocket propellant. With so many applications, we know that whatever the reason your company needs methylamine, you need a reliable partner to supply you with the products you need.  

For fast delivery, safety and risk training, and incident response for methylamines, Airgas Specialty Products has a lasting reputation as a reputable, supportive supplier.  

We are proud to offer round-the-clock service, quick delivery, and expert training to keep you going. To learn more about how we will always work to be your preferred methylamine supplier, contact us today.