Airgas Specialty Products

Company Information

Airgas Specialty Products is the premier North American supplier of ammonia for industrial applications. Major products include anhydrous ammonia (NH3) and aqua ammonia (ammonium hydroxide – NH4OH). Airgas Specialty Products is also a leading supplier of other chemicals including methylamines (a derivative of ammonia) and hydrogen chloride (HCl).

With 27 distribution locations across the US, Airgas Specialty Products has unmatched coverage and expertise necessary to provide the best possible customer service while the maintaining the highest standards for safety and quality. Airgas Specialty Products is a wholly owned subsidiary of Airgas, Inc., a leading supplier of industrial, medical and specialty gases, and hard goods, such as welding equipment and related products.


Our anhydrous ammonia, aqua ammonia, hydrogen chloride and methylamine products are guaranteed to meet industry leading specifications. Airgas Specialty Products also offers safety and regulatory products that will keep your facility protected, educated and compliant.


Airgas Specialty Products has a fleet of dedicated trucks capable of meeting your supply needs.  Our drivers are extensively trained to handle and deliver ammonia.  They are also capable of providing emergency response and routine maintenance for ammonia systems.


We have a well-established history of efficiently managing delivery schedules, maintaining quality specifications and meeting high safety standards.  All our Product Specs meet or exceed industry standards.

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