Our History

Airgas Specialty Products

We’ve been in the ammonia business for more than 130 years!  Over the years we have worked hard to retain our experienced staff to provide you with the best product and service in the industry.  From the beginning we have been focused on quality and safety.

Armour Ag Chemical (1891-1968)

The Armour Ammonia Works began distributing ammonia in 1891, supplying the company’s own slaughterhouses and those of Swift and Company.

U.S. Steel (1968-1986)

In 1968, U.S. Steel acquired Armour’s chemical business.  The ammonia business became part of the USS Agri-Chemicals subsidiary.

LaRoche Industries, Inc.  (1986 -2005)

Bill LaRoche, former Group-Vice President-Chemicals for United States Steel, successfully purchased the Agri-Chemicals business from U.S. Steel in a leveraged buyout that included ammonia and other fertilizers

Airgas Specialty Products, Inc. (2005 – present)

In June 2005, Airgas, Inc. acquired LaRoche Industries.  Our business has thrived and continues to expand facilities and services.  We continue to focus on safety and quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

In 2014, we added product lines that include methalymines and hydrogen chloride.