Ammonia Services


Engineering Staff

Airgas Specialty Products has a dedicated team of engineers with more than fifty combined years of experience in the ammonia industry.  Members of our staff have executed numerous ammonia storage and supply system projects, both internal to the company as well as for customers.

We have extensive experience with the handling of ammonia in all industries – including DeNOx, refrigeration, water treatment and metal heat treating.  We also have extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements and safety considerations for ammonia.  In fact, our Engineering Manager – Blaine Davis, was the Chairman of the ANSI/CGA Committee responsible for publishing the latest revision of the ANSI/CGA G-2.1 National Standard – “Requirements for the Storage and Handling of Anhydrous Ammonia.” 

Engineering Services Provided

Our engineers are determined to provide the best possible solution for our customers.  We can evaluate your needs and tailor a solution to meet your individual requirements.  We are able to provide the following Engineering Services:

Technical Support

Our staff can provide the Technical Support our customers require.  Airgas Specialty Products has been in the ammonia business more than 130 years, so our staff has unparalleled experience and knowledge that allows us to draw upon when solving a technical issue, providing information about any aspect of handling ammonia, or providing an optimal solution to a specific customer need.  We will make your job easier by providing the expertise you need.

(Note: Please see the sidebar for useful information about anhydrous and aqueous ammonia properties and technical topics.)

Facility Design

We offer full engineering and design services for anhydrous and aqueous ammonia unloading, storage and supply systems.  Our designs incorporate the knowledge gained from our decades of hands-on operating experience, both within our own facilities and at customer installations, to provide customers with safe, reliable and cost-effective systems.  We know the regulatory requirements and design features you’ll need.   We also know which manufacturers and models are the most reliable, so you can be sure that your system will operate properly on day one and for many years to come.

Equipment Supply

Airgas Specialty Products can supply ammonia parts and equipment, either individual items or as part of a complete system design.  Available items include anhydrous and aqueous ammonia storage tanks, valves, safety devices, instrumentation, pumps, vaporizers, and truck unloading stations.  Equipment can also be supplied as a pre-assembled “skid” package if required.  The optimal solution for your equipment needs is typically to have Airgas design your entire system and then supply the equipment as well.

Risk Management Plan (RMP) / Process Safety Management (PSM) Assistance

Our staff can provide assistance in meeting the requirements of the EPA’s Risk Management Plan (RMP) and OSHA’s Process Safety Management (PSM) regulations.

For more information or to request engineering services, please email us here or contact us at 800-AMMONIA.