Airgas Specialty Products

Airgas Specialty Products (ASP) is the premiere North American supplier of ammonia for industrial applications.  Major products include anhydrous ammonia (NH3) and aqua ammonia (ammonium hydroxide – NH4OH).  Typical industrial uses include DeNOx (emissions control), refrigeration, chemical processing, water treatment and metals processing (heat treatment).

Ammonia products are available in a wide range of concentrations and purity grades and can be delivered as a bulk liquid or in packaged / cylinder form from one of our 27 distribution locations nationwide.  In addition to chemical supply, ASP offers ammonia storage and related equipment supply, installation and maintenance.  Furthermore, ASP’s field service organization is ready to support customer needs for ammonia system pump-outs, maintenance and related service.  Finally, ASP offers safety and regulatory products that will keep your facility protected, educated and in compliance.

Airgas Specialty Products is also a leading supplier of other chemicals including methylamines (a derivative of ammonia) and hydrogen chloride (HCl).  Regardless of the product supplied, ASP guarantees high quality and reliable service all while maintaining a first class approach to safety.

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