Ammonia Services

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Trust Your Supply

Limited storage and lack of substitutes put a premium on dependable delivery. Airgas Specialty Products focuses exclusively on industrial applications and serves over 3,000 customers who share your need for reliable, on-time delivery of ammonia.

Our nationwide distribution system is tops in the industry, and short shipping distances can cut your costs and minimize order lead times.

Be Informed, Be Trained

Your anhydrous or aqua ammonia system may be the first introduction of a hazardous material on your site. If it’s not part of your core technology, it makes sense to outsource the regulatory and training expertise.

Look to Airgas Specialty Products to give your people the best hands-on safety training in the business. Our classroom, video and computer training programs have helped thousands in the industry. We can also help you with OSHA and EPA-mandated programs, such as Risk Management Plans.

Look to Airgas Specialty Products for Field Service

We can give you a complete ammonia package, from facility design and installation to anhydrous or aqua ammonia supply. We’ll evaluate your needs and tailor a solution to your requirements. We frequently work with consulting engineers, contributing our specialized ammonia expertise. And we will handle ammonia system maintenance and repairs, as well as product conversions.


Airgas Specialty Products has a dedicated team of engineers with more than fifty combined years of experience in the ammonia industry.  Members of our staff have executed numerous ammonia storage and supply system projects, both internal to the company as well as for customers.  We can provide technical support, facility design and equipment supply.  Our staff can also provide assistance in meeting the requirements of the EPA’s Risk Management Plan (RMP) and OSHA’s Process Safety Management (PSM) regulations.