Anhydrous Ammonia

Where to Buy

Unlike diluted household ammonia that homeowners use to clean their homes, anhydrous ammonia isn’t something you can acquire by going to the store and picking it up off of the shelf. Some storage tanks for anhydrous ammonia can exceed 30,000 gallons, which means you need a reliable, industrial supplier of anhydrous ammonia; a professional team dedicated to serving you in all of your ammonia-related needs.  

So, where can you buy anhydrous ammonia? How do you acquire large volumes of this important, inorganic chemical that’s used in everything from fertilizers to the production of pharmaceutical drugs? 

Airgas Specialty Products is the nation’s leading supplier of anhydrous ammonia, and with a large, extended distribution network, we’re right in your community with all of the products and services you need. Here’s a glimpse of the purchasing process for anhydrous ammonia via Airgas Specialty Products.  

Getting a Quote from Airgas Specialty Products 

Requesting a quote from Airgas Specialty Products is simple and easy—and thanks to our convenient online form, you can request a quote in your own time. When requesting a quote, our team will ask for specific information about your specific needs and what you are looking for. 

To receive a quote, we’ll ask: 

  • What you are looking for: Whether you are looking for a product, service, or seminar. 
  • What product you need: Whether you need anhydrous ammonia or any of the other products we offer.  
  • The quantity of anhydrous ammonia you’ll need: Whether you need individual cylinders or quantities of up to 30,000 pounds (or more) of anhydrous ammonia. 

When you request a quote, we will also take into account your location and gather some more information about you and your operation. The good news is that with a distribution network that spreads across the country, anhydrous ammonia supply is fast, reliable, and simple with Airgas Specialty Products. 

Delivery of Anhydrous Ammonia 

We’re committed to providing only the best in the products and services we offer, which is why we place a high priority on ease of delivery. We have an expansive nationwide distribution network to ensure you always get fast, reliable delivery for all your anhydrous ammonia needs. We even offer: 

  • After hours delivery and service 
  • Short-notice delivery 
  • Repairs, pump-outs, tank inspections, and preventative maintenance 

Those who use anhydrous ammonia rely on it because it is critical to their operations. We know this, which is why we value on-time, safe, and efficient delivery on a schedule that makes sense for you. Sometimes, delivery of anhydrous ammonia or servicing of your systems can’t wait for the next morning or after the weekend. We understand the importance of anhydrous ammonia services and delivery, which is why we offer around-the-clock support.  

Installation of Necessary Equipment 

Those who are purchasing anhydrous ammonia must also have a safe, secure system to store it. Besides just supplying our customers with ammonia, Airgas Specialty Products can design and install the equipment your facility needs for ammonia storage and handling, as well as the supply of individual equipment items and even complete storage and delivery system equipment. 

Airgas Specialty Products offers a range of storage tanks for all of your anhydrous ammonia uses, running in size from 500 gallons to as large as 30,000 gallons, but can also provide: 

  • Vaporizing equipment 
  • Unloading stations 
  • Pumps 
  • Telemetry 

Our equipment is available for lease on a monthly or quarterly basis and we are available to perform maintenance services to keep you, your team, and your community safe. 

In addition to supplying you with all of the necessary equipment, Airgas also offers full engineering and design services, leveraging our years of experience to ensure you have a safe, cost-effective system that meets all regulatory requirements. We can also offer suggestions on the best manufacturers to ensure you are selecting the best equipment that will serve your needs and keep you safe for years to come. We understand the intricacies of precautions required for anhydrous ammonia handling and equipment, including: 

  • Using self-closing or quick-turning ball valves as an emergency stop valve to prevent ammonia release. 
  • Establishing safety protocols and creating barriers to protect refrigerated equipment that could be damaged and release anhydrous ammonia. 
  • Installing both ammonia detectors and manual check valves to isolate leaks and prevent anhydrous ammonia from escaping through the charging line. 
  • Installing both solenoid valves and dual pressure release valves. 
  • Installing emergency ventilation switches. 
  • Using a color-coded labeling system to limit operating errors.  

Safety Training for Your Team 

At Airgas Specialty Products, we understand that safety should be of the utmost importance whenever anhydrous ammonia is being handled, used, or stored. After all, exposure to even the smallest amounts of anhydrous ammonia can cause all kinds of injuries, including burns to the eyes, nose, and throat. Those who are exposed to higher levels of anhydrous ammonia are at an elevated risk of coughing, choking, and even death from swelling of the throat or burns to the lungs and respiratory system. Exposure to the eyes can lead to burned corneas and even blindness, depending on the severity and degree of exposure.  

Our goal, along with the safe, reliable supply and delivery of anhydrous ammonia, is to prevent these kinds of accidents and injuries from occurring. We provide customizable safety training services both on and off-site to help train your entire team according to your requirements and resources. We can develop a program according to your unique specifications, then offer documented training for all necessary team members.  

According to The Center for Effective Government 

“The Clean Air Act requires facilities handling large quantities of toxic, flammable, or otherwise reactive chemicals to submit risk management plans. For anhydrous ammonia, the reporting threshold is 10,000 pounds. In the last 15 years, almost 10,000 facilities have filed risk management plans because they are storing or producing over 10,000 pounds of anhydrous ammonia.” 

Airgas Specialty Products can be an allied resource in developing the appropriate risk management plan (RMP) for your site. When it comes to anhydrous ammonia, we also offer programs to meet OSHA PSM (Process Safety Management), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), RMP, and other safety requirements, and can cover topics that include: 

  • Anhydrous Ammonia Awareness 
  • Details of Handling Anhydrous Ammonia 
  • Ammonia Properties 
  • Ammonia Safety 
  • Your Anhydrous Ammonia Partner 

In short, when it comes to providing you with the anhydrous ammonia you need, plus the equipment, services, and safety training to support your operations, Airgas Specialty Products is your one-stop shop. But we don’t just strive to do it all; we strive to do it all exceptionally well. With 24-hour service, reliable supply and delivery, and ongoing support and training, we’re here for you. To learn more about how we’ll be your preferred anhydrous ammonia supplier, contact us today