What to Look For In An Ammonium Hydroxide Supplier

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Ammonium hydroxide is used across different industries all over the world. Every company in each of those industries needs a trusted, customer service-focused ammonium hydroxide supplier to partner with for dependable on-time delivery. 

In this article, we explore the types of industrial businesses that need an ammonium hydroxide supplier and what they should look for when choosing one.

Industrial Businesses That Need An Ammonium Hydroxide Supplier

Chemical Plants – Ammonium hydroxide is used in the synthesis of certain chemicals and in the manufacture of rubber, rayon and plastics.

Sanitation Companies – Ammonium hydroxide is used as a cleaning agent and sanitizer.

Food & Beverage Processing Plants – Ammonium hydroxide is used as a leavening agent and is classified by the Food and Drug Administration as generally recognized as safe (GRAS).

Agricultural Farming – Ammonium hydroxide is used in the manufacturing of fertilizers and treating straw to produce “ammoniated straw” that is edible for cattle.

Pharmaceutical Companies – Ammonium hydroxide is used as acid neutralizer.

Tobacco Processors – Ammonium hydroxide is used as a flavor enhancer.

Water Purification Plants – Ammonium hydroxide is used to purify wastewater and as a water softener.

Electronics Manufacturers – Ammonium hydroxide is used in the manufacturing process of circuit boards.

Furniture Makers – Ammonium hydroxide is used to stain wood containing tannic acid.

Laboratories – Ammonium hydroxide is used as a complexant, meaning a substance that readily forms complexes with molecules, in inorganic analysis.

Personal Care Companies – Ammonium hydroxide controls pH and is used as an effective antimicrobial agent.

Favorable Attributes of An Ammonium Hydroxide Supplier

High-Quality Trusted Deliveries Your ammonium hydroxide supplier should have a fleet of trucks dedicated to meeting your supply needs. Their drivers should be extensively trained to handle and deliver ammonia, efficiently manage delivery schedules, maintain quality specifications and meet high safety standards. They should also guarantee their chemicals will meet or exceed industry-leading specifications. 

A Focus On Safety – Your ammonium hydroxide supplier should offer you safety and regulatory guidelines that will keep your facility educated, protected and compliant. This could include on-site, off-site and online e-training seminars on chemical properties, safety procedures for chemical handling and recommendations for personal protective equipment (PPE). If the supplier offers customized training programs to meet your specific safety needs, that’s a plus as well.

Programs for Risk Management (RMP) and Process Safety (PSM) – Your ammonium hydroxide supplier should help you satisfy your EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements with programs tailored to your company’s existing programs and policies and based on the amount of ammonium hydroxide you store on-site.

Emergency Response – Your ammonium hydroxide supplier should be available to assist in the event of a leak, spill or other ammonia emergency, providing incident investigation complete with full documentation and recommended actions.

Provide Specialty Services – Your ammonium hydroxide supplier should be available to provide specialty services such as tank inspections, refurbishments and refits, system pump-outs, preventative maintenance and repairs for all of your ammonia applications. They should be able to accommodate after-hours delivery, short-notice delivery as well as after-hours service as necessary. They should provide technical support for facility design and supply ammonia parts and equipment. They should provide field services such as ammonia quality testing, storage system inspections and repairs, railcar unloading, leak repair and complete system maintenance. 

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