Anhydrous Ammonia

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What is Anhydrous Ammonia?

Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) – Ammonia is one of the most widely used inorganic chemicals in the world today. Anhydrous is an essential substance to produce fertilizers, explosives and polymers, diluted as a cleaner, a refrigerant, and machine production.

Anhydrous ammonia, or ammonia in its purest form not diluted in water, is used across all kinds of varying industries and in many ways.

complicated compound obtained using the Haber-Bosch process; the nitrogen is pulled from the air and combined with a hydrogen source to create anhydrous ammonia. It exists naturally in a gaseous state but can be compressed and kept cold to form a liquid.


What are the uses for Anhydrous Ammonia?


As a Fertilizer

About 87% of all anhydrous ammonia is used for fertilizers because it is one of the most efficient nitrogen delivery systems for plant growth. The substance increases the yield of crops and vegetation.

Diluted as a Cleaner

Anhydrous ammonia is diluted into water to create ammonium hydroxide, which has many industrial purposes, the most common use for ammonium hydroxide is as a household cleaner.

As a Refrigerant Recirculating Fluid

Anhydrous ammonia can be utilized as a refrigerant recirculating fluid in liquid form. As part of the refrigerating system, it is kept in closed, pressurized containers. The pressurized containers release the anhydrous ammonia into a series of tubes where it quickly evaporates and becomes vapor or gas to create cooling. It then drops temperature until it reaches its boiling point (negative 28 degrees Fahrenheit), which dispenses the refrigerator’s cooling effect.

Ammonium Nitrate Production

An explosive exothermic reaction between anhydrous ammonium and concentrated nitric acid is the result of Ammonium nitrate. Anhydrous ammonia is one of the key elemental materials in the production of ammonium nitrate, which has many applications:

  • ANFO fuel—a combination of 94-percent ammonium nitrate and 6-percent fuel oil. This particular variety of fuel can be used as an explosive with a high water resistance, oxygen balance and detonation velocity while also performing in a small blast zone, making it ideal for all sorts of mining applications.
  • Fertilizer with less nitrogen loss than other varieties, making for easier transportation.
  • Instant cold packs.

Jewelry and Other Production Machinery

Many soldering machines used in the manufacturing of jewelry require anhydrous ammonia to function.

Water Ammoniation

Anhydrous ammonia can be used for ammoniation while cleaning a water supply and is typically added after the water has been disinfected and dechlorinated.

Other Uses

Here are a few additional examples of uses of anhydrous ammonia in other industries:

  • Anhydrous ammonia is used for air remediation for gaseous emissions, neutralizing the nitrogen oxide pollutants that are emitted from diesel engines.
  • Anhydrous ammonia is used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.
  • In the textile industry, anhydrous ammonia is used in a variety of ways, including its use to soften cotton. Ammonia also is used in the production of rubber, plastic and leather goods.


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