What Are Some Industrial Uses of Ammonia?

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Ammonia is an essential substance that is part of our everyday lives. We may not know it, but ammonia is in our cleaning supplies, gardening products, and even used in our refrigerator to keep our food cold. The application uses of ammonia are in many industries such as Food Manufacturing, Food, Beverage & Retail, Government & Municipalities, Metal &  Plastics Fabrication, and the Energy and Chemical industry. 

Industrial Applications

Food Manufacturing 


Ammonia has diverse chemical processing uses, from a leavening agent and acidity regulator in food manufacturing to caramel coloring in food and beverage production. Ammonia hydroxide applications help encourage cheese cultures to grow, reducing its cultured acidity level for healthy cheese development. Ammonia Hydroxide is also in food manufacturing for soft drinks, soups, and canned vegetables. 

Food Retailers


Ammonia is efficient and eco-friendly for the refrigerant industry. Ammonia acts as a refrigerant by absorbing heat from one area and displacing it into another place. Supermarkets and food retailers keep their food aisles cold and fresh by using this system.

Airgas Specialty Products prevents costly ammonia contamination from impacting our customer’s system efficiency while supplying a nationwide fleet of delivery trucks. We offer anhydrous ammonia safety training and ammonia services such as system pump-outs or distillation, removing contaminants without shutdown.

Government & Municipalities


The Government & Municipalities have been using ammonia to purify drinking water for over 70 years. Chloramines form when both chlorine and ammonia are added to drinking water to disinfect it. Chloramine (made by combining ammonia with chlorine) is a safer, more efficient, and stable alternative to chlorine in water treatment

Chloramines meet the EPA regulatory standards and are known to improve drinking water’s taste and odor. Airgas Specialty Products provides NSF-certified products for the treatment of drinking water.

Metal Fabrication & Rubber Manufacturing


Ammonia is a widely supply source used in the heat treating of a broad range of metal components for furnace atmospheres. The substance produces dissociated ammonia (DA) by thermal cracking of anhydrous ammonia to generate a reducing gas atmosphere that is 75% hydrogen and 25% nitrogen. This atmosphere protects metal surfaces from oxidizing while exposed to high temperatures.

Dissociated ammonia can be the most economical means of supplying an atmosphere to batch or continuously heating operations. The common practice of heat treatment is through annealing, and sintering and brazing low carbon stainless steel and copper-based alloys. 

Another application usage for ammonia is in the production of rubber. Ammonia prevents the coagulation of raw latex during the transportation process from the plantation to the factory.

Energy & Chemical; Primary Materials


Power, waste, and industrial plants use ammonia via total DeNOx applications to lower their emission of mono-nitrogen oxides per EPA standards. Airgas supplies ammonia, equipment, and expertise, offering more support than any other supplier. 

As the industry leader in ammonia technology, safety, regulatory issues and supply reliability, we’re the only supplier offering SCR grade aqua ammonia nationwide. Airgas Specialty Products provide hands-on safety training, and we help customers with OSHA and EPA-mandated programs such as Risk Management Plans and Process Safety Management. 

The Benefits and Services: Working With A Professional Supplier

There are other perks to working with a full-service industrial-strength ammonia supplier. What else can Airgas Specialty Products offer you besides a reliable supply of anhydrous ammonia and ammonium hydroxide?

  • Field service
  • Pump outs
  • System maintenance
  • Safety training
  • Storage and supply systems

Why Choose Airgas

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