Permit Application for: Anhydrous and Aqueous Ammonia Distribution

Airgas Specialty Products Inc. (Airgas) is submitting this permit application under 30 TAC Chapter 116, Subchapter B to authorize construction of an Anhydrous and Aqueous Ammonia Distribution Facility at an existing Air Gas site in La Porte, Texas. The ammonia distribution operation will receive and distribute various grades of anhydrous ammonia and will produce and distribute various concentrations of aqueous ammonia. The major plant equipment will consist of three 30,000 and one 15,000 gallon permanent anhydrous storage vessels, two 30,000 gallon aqueous ammonia storage vessels, aqueous ammonia production equipment, two 12,000 gallon capacity deionized water (DI) storage tanks, and associated equipment. Planned maintenance, startup, and shutdown (MSS) activities are addressed in the application as required. Airgas will recover residual liquid and gaseous ammonia resulting from normal and MSS operations to the greatest extent possible. This will be achieved by bleeding liquids into closed piping and routing these liquids into one of the deionized water tanks and recycled back to the process. Gaseous ammonia cleared during MSS operations will be recycled into a pressurized vessel. These best practices will minimize emissions and waste associated with the operation.

The site already has other operations but the new operations will be associated with a different business segment; therefore, a new Regulated Entity Number is being requested.

Permit Application Can be Found Here


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